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QuickBooks® Made Easy
 In just four hours you’ll learn how to
   • Build cash flow immediately with 5 Reports hidden in QuickBooks
   • Isolate your most profitable work and focus on it for faster cash flow
   • Solve your biggest QuickBooks problems once and for all
   • Learn the “Click here – Type this” tricks that you must have

To locate a Bridge21 licensed system provider near you, call toll free (877) 427-4524

Classes held on Thursdays, 9AM to 1PM, in 450 locations nationwide
With the help of a local Certified QuickBooks Accountant

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KC & Penny train over 50,000 businesses a year.




Read to find out more . . .

If your business isn’t doing as well as you want, the answers to your cash flow questions are hiding out—right now—in your QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is great software and seems easy to use, but it’s still accounting—and accounting isn’t easy. Most CPA’s go to school for five years before they start their practice.

QuickBooks has built-in business intelligence that can instantly help you build cash flow if you use it the “right way.” We’ll help you get to the bottom of your business problems once and for all.

Every Thursday, more than 1,000 business people from all over the United States and three other countries attend one of our QuickBooks Day in America classes. In just four hours you’ll get fast, easy solutions to your QuickBooks problems—and learn to use five hidden Reports that will impact your business immediately.

Read to find out more . . .

What you’ll learn in four hours that you can convert to better cash flow immediately:

Section One – How to use QuickBooks to improve your business dramatically in the next 120 days.
• Five Reports hidden in QuickBooks– Use these and you’ll drive positive cash flow immediately.
• Seven steps to using the 80/20 rule in your business that will focus you on your most profitable sales
• Four reasons why better books will charge up your cash flow in 120 days
• Nine ways to use our FREE QuickBooks support on your personal Web page after the class.

Section Two – Company Setup
• 90% of us made errors on the first day of using QuickBooks
• Five critical errors that you probably made in the first 10 minutes

If you don’t believe you made Setup errors, check your Opening Equity Balance.
If it’s a negative number, your books are not accurate.

• The two big mistakes we all make every day—while we swear we’re doing it right
• How to use the Easystep Interview to go back and fix Setup errors
• The three types of tasks in your business and the two that should always be contracted out
• The complete list of company data you need before starting to use QuickBooks.

Section Three – Managing Lists: How QuickBooks will help you manage your cash flow cycle
• Two ways to use the Reminders List, what it is, and how to convert it to higher productivity
• How to use Notepads and Reminder Lists instead of those little yellow sticky notes
• Four expenses that continue no matter how sales are going—and how to control them
• Five mistakes that slow down your business cycle and cause cash flow problems.

Section Four – Processing Accounts Payable
• Seven ways poor cash flow gets started in a business—and how to stop it before your bank balance shows it
• Four steps to setting up Vendor and Checking Preferences that will reduce labor by three hours a week or more
• Creating and modifying your Vendor List
• Entering bills – This is one of the most common mistakes we see; are you doing it wrong?
• Paying bills – The four-step process that Intuit built into the Navigator—and why you must use it
• Entering checks that the boss wrote on the road so that they’re coded correctly
• Three important steps to setting up Memorized Bills that will cut your labor by two hours a week.

• Seven reasons why online banking is so valuable you can’t pass it up
• Credit card online download – This step alone will save you up to 8 hours a month.

Section Five – Processing Accountants Receivable (critical for fast collections and positive cash flow)
• Eight steps to setting up Sales and Customer Preferences
• Six critical steps to using pricing levels in a competitive market
• Customer Lists and five ways to use yours to increase repeat business
• Three steps for invoicing, sending by e-mail, and batching to speed collections and reduce labor
• Creating Sales Receipts
• Five important tips on receiving money so that it posts correctly and keeps your books in order
• Seven vital steps to making deposits so that your Un-deposited Funds Account is always accurate.

Section Six – Bank Reconciliations
• Four reasons why you must reconcile your bank account every few days
• Seven steps to online reconciliation—without waiting for month-end statements
• How to transfer funds between Accounts and keep the transaction straight for your tax return

Our trainer will NOT leave until all your QuickBooks questions are answered. Bring your toughest QuickBooks problem. All our local trainers are Certified QuickBooks Accountants who use the software every day in their own businesses as well as their clients’. We know QuickBooks—and know how good numbers will impact your business.

Our 134-page reference guide that you’ll use for years to come. The book follows the class exactly with step-by-step processes that you can implement as soon as you get back to your office.

Our 52 fast and fun follow-up lessons on video. Each week you’ll receive a FREE video from KC and Penny Truby on how to use QuickBooks to improve cash flow, build wealth, and have more fun.

52 video stories from the Business Ranch that will change your life
Delivered FREE to your personal Web page weekly.

  1. The three mistakes we all make every day that are killing our cash flow, and how to stop them now.
  2. Double your cash flow in 120 days by learning to focus on your best work. This never fails.
  3. How to use QuickBooks to determine when you can get out of business.
  4. Where are you today financially? If you know where you are, you have a much better chance of getting where you want to be.
  5. Where are you making money? – Why 20% of what we do makes 80% of our profit, and how to find it using QuickBooks.
  6. Three reasons that time is your greatest enemy in business.
  7. The five costs that you have to watch in QuickBooks every day to stay cash positive.
  8. Five things to do when things go wrong – How QuickBooks will keep you focused on success in rough times.
  9. The three types of work you do, and which two you should stop doing right now.
  10. The only two things you should do today—because everything else is costing your company big bucks.
  11. Are you growing too fast? – One question will tell you if growth is behind your lack of cash flow.
  12. Seven reasons why you must increase the speed of your business cycle.
  13. The Five Steps of Online Banking – Should you use it? How does it work for a small business?
  14. How to download credit card charges directly into QuickBooks. How we go to Europe every spring for FREE.
  15. Cash on Hand – Three important questions that will help you decide how much cash you should keep in the bank.
  16. Six vital moves to handle bounced checks in QuickBooks.
  17. Nine common mistakes in Payroll, and how to get ride of these headaches.
  18. How much for that horse? – Are you pricing too cheap? Will higher prices and fewer customers impact net profit?
  19. Get rid of your bookkeeping. – How to get better numbers faster for about half of what bookkeeping costs you now.
  20. Down at the bank – Six rules for borrowing money and the QuickBooks Reports that will help.
  21. Payroll outsourcing with QuickBooks – Four questions to ask before you make a decision.
  22. One million reasons why I hate doing a budget – and one reason why I have to do it if I want to get rich.
  23. Six steps to building good customer relations, and four ways this will allow you to charge better prices.
  24. Five QuickBooks Ratios that you must check every week if you want to build positive cash flow and wealth.
  25. Three checkpoints in QuickBooks to use if you guarantee your product, and the impact on your profits.
  26. Mail Order – How QuickBooks’ Online Merchant Account will make it easier to fulfill orders and get paid fast.
  27. Get Rich – Seven steps in QuickBooks that will show you the path to wealth from ANY business.
  28. Five absolute rules to make sure your advertising meets legal standards.
  29. Nine cheap ways to find new clients.
  30. Publicity – Five easy steps to get FREE advertising by becoming famous in your Market Area.
  31. Three very profitable ways to compete with big companies by using your QuickBooks customer database.
  32. Two ways that stories about your past customers will help you sell the next one.
  33. Seven important steps you must use if you want more word-of-mouth referrals and new business.
  34. The Three R’s of building your business—Reciprocity, Relationships, and Referrals—that make business easy.
  35. Knowledge-Centered Selling – Why training is the best sales tool ever invented.
  36. Daddy was wrong about hard work being the secret of business success.
  37. Hands Up Marketing – Five ways to get people who are interested in your service to call you.
  38. What do customers want? – Three simple ways to learn what your customers aren’t telling you.
  39. Test your ideas on search engines. – How to spend $5 to learn if a new idea is going to fly.
  40. You’re the Star – Six reasons your advertising should feature the owner—and two reasons it won’t work.
  41. The FREE report – A never-fail process that will bring you new clients.
  42. How to sell the skeptical customer, and three reasons why skeptical customers are great.
  43. Funnel Marketing – A simple 5-step process to get all the new clients you want.
  44. Cash flow problems? – Four steps to using a weekly “acid test” to determine the underlying causes.
  45. Six ways to isolate your most profitable customers in QuickBooks and why it will impact your business.
  46. The five steps of ”Ducks in a Row,” and why this simple process will increase your sales dramatically.
  47. One question that will let you know immediately if a prospect is never going to buy from you.
  48. The Dog and Pony Show – Five steps to making a great impression on new prospects.
  49. What are you doing that customers don’t want? – Three hard questions you’re not going to like.
  50. Ride someone else’s horse – How to sell your vendors’ customers and your customers’ customers.
  51. Hire great employees – The nine questions we ask all applicants, and how it works for us at Bridge21.
  52. Sell your business – Why work forever? Someone might want your company right now.

Wait, There's More...

Video on DVD: How an old cowboy doubled his cash flow in 120 days by using QuickBooks the “right-way” by KC Truby. Learn how the “Lonesome Cowboy” struggled in business for 20 years (including several failures and a bankruptcy) until one weekend he and his wife discovered a concept he calls 5 Minute Books. This video will change your business and your life by showing you the five steps KC used to solve cash flow problems, increase profits, and build wealth while having a lot more fun in business.

Because you’re going to have questions when you’re implementing the QuickBooks Made Easy system, we’ll provide you a personal QuickBooks support Web page. This page won’t replace the hands-on help an Accountant might provide, but you’ll be able to post your QuickBooks questions and receive tips within a community of QuickBooks users right in your town.

Plus you’ll find video clips on using QuickBooks that are specific to your industry and your problems. Each seminar attendee completes a short survey during the class, and our local trainer then enters these surveys into our system. Once they’re submitted, your QuickBooks Web support page is automatically created with only those solutions that are important to your business. The page is updated constantly and you’ll have access for one year AT NO CHARGE.

Why do we offer so much for taking our QuickBooks class?

Well, the reason my wife and I started our QuickBooks training program is that we struggled in business for years. In 1998, out of sheer frustration, we sat down and started learning how to get real value from our accounting software. We spent the next 15 months teaching ourselves to use QuickBooks the ”right way,” and in just the past four years our net income has grown by 4,000%.

We distilled everything we learned into this four-hour class, the back-end Web page support, and the video tip clips. We’re so sure that you can use it to enjoy similar growth in your business that our seminars are 100% guaranteed. If you’re unhappy with the QuickBooks Made Easy class in any way, we’ll refund your seminar fee and you’ll keep your five free bonuses.

Thank you,

KC and Penny Truby
Authors of QuickBooks® Made Easy and 5 Minute Books